"  Survival is not about winning in a confrontation
it is about never losing in one  "
The Art of Survival
Train to survive, escape, control and if necessary to finish an attacker within the confines of the law.

Street Self-Defense  |  Submission Grappling  |  Dutch Style Muay Thai  |  Boxing  |  MMA
A True Non Attribute System for Self-Defense
That is Performance Based

Which means a smaller, weaker person must be able
to survive and escape from a bigger, stronger
and more athletic opponent.
As you get older you don't try to beat the big, strong, young guys anymore

You survive and not lose to them, but when they make a mistake

then you show them what experience has to offer.
Online Training

The online training program will allow you to learn from home and receive diplomas in the Funkional Martial Arts System and become a certified instructor in our system of self-defense.

The online training program will introduce and explain Funkional Fitness & Martial Arts approach to learning MMA, Muay Thai, Submission Grappling and Self-Defense.

We only give out certificates for the self-defense program as it is the foundation of Funkional Martial Arts online.

To be graded in any other program you would have to come in and train or to demonstrate your ability to perform the  required skill set to get your belt.
Funkional Fitness & Martial Arts

Our speciality is Close Quarter Combat that works for a smaller, weaker person against a bigger, stronger, more athletic and aggressive attacker.

We train you to be effective and efficient in self-defense without the need to seriously injure another human being.

This is a system that is performance based which means it can be proven everyday in class or in the street.  This system is not based in theory and we pride ourselves in not being unecessarily brutal unless it is necessary to be ( multiple larger attackers ).

If you are interested in becoming part of The Funkional Self-Defense Network or to become an instructor

then please call or email us, contact information is on the contact us page.
About Funkional Self-Defense
Knowledge is Power

But only if you learn from
your mistakes.

We teach you true confidence through success, knowing that you can defend yourself.

We develop your self esteem through your accomplishments

We create a better you through your ability to finish something you started by reaching your goals

We help you to change your life by understanding the difference between a decision and statement.

They say where the mind goes

the body follows.

So we teach you how to make decisions and that is life changing because every statement is just temporary satisfaction.

Funkional Fitness & Martial Arts is

all about using martial arts training to create a better you.

Funkional Fitness is like having your own

Personal Life Coach