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If you can Control your mind

You will Control your Life,

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Fitness Through

 Martial Arts


What is Funkional Fitness?

Funkional Fitness is fitness through martial arts training.  But we also train the body to move how it was designed to move.  Basically if you don't use the body in all the ways it was designed to be used or at least stretch and move it, your body will eventually have a hard time doing movements it was designed to do which will eventually lead to stiffness and slowly develop into many other physical and emotional issues down the road.  Funkional Fitness is a lifestyle devoted to health, fitness and self-confidence.



Another reason why you should train with us?

Our programs are taught in small group classes which means that all our students get a lot of one on one instruction from the instructor.  This will allow students to learn faster and improve much more quickly than being in class with 30 students.

You pay regular class prices that you would pay at other clubs, but you get semi private classes when you come to us to train.

Check out our 3 month program guaranteed to increase your self-confidence, your ability to actually defend yourself against a bigger opponent and definitely change the way you look at what self-protection is and how it works.

3 month Introductory Program

You will learn our foundation for street self-defense.  This program is based on a smaller, weaker person who must defend themself against a bigger, stronger, aggressive opponent and within the confines of the law.  This program also takes into consideration that you will be scared because your opponent is bigger and you will be surprised and shaken when the initial confrontation begins.  This program combines strategies and techniques from many different styles of martial arts and street savvy programs.  Some of the repetition drills will strengthen and help you to lose weight while teaching you techniques for Self-Defense.


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