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"  I would prefer to know my limitations rather than have a false sense of invincibility  "

In other words I would like to know that I can beat a 250lb fighter.

Than get into a confrontation with one and find out I can't.

Survival is never about winning in a confrontation,

it is about never losing in one.


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Funkional Martial Arts?

Funkional Martial Arts is a True Non Attribute System that is Performance Based.  This means that a smaller, weaker person must be able to survive against a bigger, stronger resisting opponent.  It is a system that has a fundamental principle of learning how to survive first, escape second, control third and finish your opponent last.

Why do we teach that way?

Because if your opponent is bigger than you then you will need to know how to whether the storm first that is survival and when it comes to self-defense most times you are not mentally prepared to defend yourself, you are usually still negotiating during the argument stage when the attack comes or you don't even see or know that you are about to be attacked.

  • We understand there is a difference between fighting and self-defense and that there is a difference between sport and street.

  • We also know and prove that a superior strategy is what is needed on the street, but in a sport you need conditioning, heart, technique and strategy.

  • Unlike many other systems we are not in denial of a fundamental truth in combat and that is, in a confrontation it is the bigger, stronger more athletic person who has all the major advantages which is why we train to become a better athlete ourselves.

But it is with this knowledge and understanding and many years of martial arts training, competitions, real world experiences and confrontations that Funkional Martial Arts was developed in.  It was also developed so that a smaller person can survive and escape from a bigger, stronger opponent and do so within the confines of the law without the need for excessive brutality.



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