Frequently asked Questions: 


How do I join the group classes at the club?

By appointment or invitation only.


Why can I not just come in and do a class?

Because we only do small group classes to make sure that the material being taught is learned equally well by all our students.  Since we know not all students learn at the same pace, we keep our class size small so more individual attention can be given if needed.  So for someone to just drop in and do class, we can not always accommodate that.


Can anyone learn this way?

Yes, this is the only way to learn and know you are able to defend yourself.  If you are able to survive against someone 50lbs heavier than you in class then you know you can do it on the street.


Can a woman be effective against a man?

Yes, especially in our system since our emphasis is on techniques that work for a smaller person to deal with a larger person.  There are many effective techniques and strategies out there and I mean some really good ones but not all are meant for you especially if your opponent is much bigger and stronger than you


Do I have to be in shape to do this?

No, if our system was based on you being in shape as a requirement then how would a smaller and weaker person survive.  But please don't misunderstand us, the better in shape you are the easier it will be and the more options you will have to defend yourself.


Which is better Striking or Grappling?

I personally have a preference to grappling not because it is superior, but because I can have a decisive win without hurting my opponent.  As to which style of fighting is superior neither one is.  Most confrontations start standing and if my opponent grabs me or I cannot hit them hard enough to stop them then I need to grapple, but if I cannot take my opponent down or get a hold of them with some kind of control grip then I need striking.  The situation will dictate what I need so neither is superior to the other.


Why train with you?

That's a simple answer if you are already good I guarantee I can make you better and if you have not trained before I will get you off to the right start by developing an open mind with a strong base in the fundamentals that everyone needs to know from there your personality and attributes will make you into the type of fighter you were meant to be.


Do you teach self-defense against weapons?

Yes we do but in a practical sense.  If someone pulls a weapon you should run but if you can't then get a weapon anything you can find, but we do teach only practical methods of what to do against an armed attacker when you cannot find a weapon in time.


Can I get Belts or Certificates?

Yes you can go for belts or get certified to teach our approach to learning martial arts.


How Do We Teach?

When we teach we show the self-defense part of a Combat Sport System first then teach the sport side for competition.


Why?  This way our students will know how to defend themselves where it really counts, out on the street.


Our club is not strict and rigid, we believe that if you are having fun you will learn faster, try harder and train longer.  So we train in a fun, safe, competitive, friendly atmosphere where enjoying yourself is just as important as your fitness or self defense goals.

We teach all our students as individuals.  The strategies, techniques and concepts that are taught in a group setting is the fundamentals, these are techniques that everyone must learn.  We develop Intelligent Combat Athletes so we leave room for our students to problem solve and develop their own style of self protection that works for them.


Will you get hurt?

We do not train full contact here, but in any exercise program or sport there is always a chance of over training and getting injuries or accidently hitting shins, but to get hurt intentionally by another student we do not allow that kind of sparring during class times only in our competitive sparring classes for those that want to try it.