The Funkional Association


The Funkional Association was created for one purpose to keep the ideal of martial arts alive and that is to give a smaller, weaker person the ability to survive and beat a larger, stronger opponent.

The association is not based on anyone style of martial art, but encompasses all styles of combat the only rule is that what is taught can be applied and proven to work against a resisting opponent within the confines of the law.

Grading's are performance based you are not required to win but you must survive and be able to compete at that belt levels technical criteria.

No matter who you are regardless of experience, athletic ability, or lack of, you will find that the instruction in the Funkional Association to be offered in a healthy, safe and intelligent environment.

Regardless of your personal goals as it relates to training and Martial Arts, whether it is for fitness, self-defense, competition, or simply for fun we can and will meet your needs in our curriculums.  We guarantee it!

Our training methods allows everyone to go home injury free and develop an effective and efficient method of self protection.

The Funkional Association is looking for like minded individuals who want to see martial arts evolve and to give people a true perspective on their ability to protect themselves.

" I would prefer to know my limitations than have a false sense of invincibility "

In other words I would like to know that I can beat a 250lb fighter

Than get into a confrontation with one and find out I can't.

This means that if in class you can not hold your own with a 250lb fighter, then when a 250lb person comes up to you on the street and says shut up, then shut up unless you are ready to sucker him and life goes on.

We welcome all who are looking for truth in their ability to defend themselves.  If you are interested in this approach we would love to have you be apart of The Funkional Association.