Stages of a Confrontation


The system's emphasis is on the basics, the fundamentals and to simplify the art of self-defense.

 The system is a concept based on a smaller person surviving against a bigger and stronger opponent.

The system is a training method that lets you know your true ability not some false assumptions of grandeur.

With this style of training as our base it can be translated to any form of self-protection or sport, since this is a performance based system our motto is:


If it does not work under pressure in class,

why do it in a life threatening situation.

We simplify, not complicate.

  We teach by doing, not in theory.

The core framework for this system is based on low attributes, so that even with injuries and poor conditioning you can be effective at self-defense.

By having an understanding of the system's concepts and positions you will develop the ability to survive until you have the confidence to defend yourself effectively while under stress.


What are Attributes?


Attributes are things that make techniques more effective.

(Speed, power, size, flexibility, strength, coordination, timing, accuracy, conditioning, awareness, agility, etc.)


Attributes can be developed through different training methods.

(Sparring, skipping, running, weightlifting, dieting, strength & conditioning programs,  repetitive drills, etc.)


Well developed attributes will only increase and make your objective of self-protection an easier goal to accomplish.


The System


The system is based on Positions and Rules, rules are made to be broken only by a better opportunity in movement or by your superior attributes at the moment, but the system is the positions and rules.


The Positions are based on Safety to deal with strikes or just straight grappling, but these choice positions give you the most Leverage, Mobility and Safety remember the system's main objective is for a smaller person to survive against a bigger opponent.


The Rules are concepts for transition.  Rules help you to know what to do next and why, so that if your technique or concept fails, you will know why.

The system's rules are based on it's core framework of you being smaller and weaker than your opponent and therefore mobility and options are always necessary.


Remember size and strength are attributes and attributes do matter in a confrontation.  So train as though you have low attributes, so that when you have the superior attributes it's even easier to win.


To be successful on the street or in the ring you must be effective in these 3 areas of combat.


Stand up / Clinch / Ground


Stand up

The system's stand up is based on you being the smaller person so it is all about movement and distance for the sake of dealing with a bigger persons strikes.  The system's offence is like playing a game of tag from a distance, then overwhelm and finish.



The system's clinch game is based on 2 approaches to tie up your opponent to strike effectively or to clinch to make sure your attacker can not hurt you, then finish with an effective submission or take your opponent to the ground and then finish.



The system's ground game is based on positional understanding, fundamental movements, rules for transitions and core positions based on you not carrying the bigger person's weight or trying to hold a bigger person down with your weight.


The system's ground game is

opportunities in motion

(submissions, sweeps and escapes).