Training Philosophy:

Train to know what you can do.  Training with resistance will let you know just that and not give you a false sense of invincibility.


Leave your ego at the door and have fun learning.


Martial arts is about self discovery and making self improvements while learning self protection.  Martial arts is about you learning how to be a better you so that you can be more confident and interact with others on a good social level.


Train the body to react and not a bunch of scenario training to hope to cope with a situation.  The only scenario training you need is how to think before contact is made.


Think for your self, question things that don't make sense, a little common sense goes a long way.  If it is practical and functional it will hold up under pressure.


The difference between street and sport is very simple in the street you try to avoid conflict in sport you don't, there are no rules in the street in sport there are, set your opponent up with your words in the street in the sport you just fight.  Self defense is for the street because if self-defense fails you fight and may the better prepared athlete win.