What we do and Why?

What we have is a core group of positions that do not need athletic ability to be effective and then we integrate a core group of strategies that do not need any athletic ability to be effective and then with whatever athletic ability you do have we add more techniques and strategies to your game.

So when we teach each student is taught as an individual and given the time to come into their own form of self protection that works for them under the pressure of a resisting opponent.

All our techniques come from moves that are used and proven to work in combat sports.

People always ask is their a difference between sport and street the answer is yes but the truth is the person who would win in the street fight is the same person who would win in an MMA event.

The only way that would change is during the verbal and pre-emptive strike stage, was your attack and finish effective or after first contact is made is your survival strategy effective that's it, that is the bottom line no secret moves or mystical techniques.

Without a superior strategy

 the superior athlete will win 95% of the time.

Why is that?


Well what kind of guy usually does well in sports?  A competitive, focused, pain tolerant and well conditioned athlete, now take that guy and tell him he can bite, eye gouge and use weapons and you have an animal that most people can not handle and that is why all this talk about just poke him in the eye and you will get away is a lot of B.S.

If you choose or are forced to fight someone like that either your athletic ability is up there with your opponent or your survival tactics / strategy better be far superior to his drive to kick your butt.

With this type of understanding as part of our foundation our training methods are a little different than other clubs, but we know when you get it and understand what you are doing your ability to protect yourself is limited only by your imagination and physical attributes, but we know you will be able to protect you and your loved ones in a crisis situation.

We have a saying...

If we can't make you good, then we will make you strong,

 so that you can be the superior athlete

in the confrontation. 

No one plans to fail, most fail to plan!


The Strategy behind the techniques you choose to use is the most important decision you can make in a confrontation so have a good plan.

There is no one answer or technique that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time.  Since the mind guides the body, it is necessary to train our minds to react properly leaving us options and strategies while under pressure and that is the focus of a non attribute system to give you the tools needed to survive against a superior athletic fighter while changing you into one.