Why Train in Funkional Martial Arts?

The main reason why you should train with us is that what we teach works and can be learned in a short period of time.  We will prove that what we teach works and that you can do it before you even give us one penny or join our club.

Violence is real and can happen to anyone, it does not matter what your social status is whether you are poor, rich or middle class it doesn't matter, if your a man, woman or a child violence will always be around because people will always find a reason to want to harm another person.

Many people believe that if they stay away from bars, parties, suspicious looking people, dark alleys, bad neighborhoods and violent countries that they will be safe from ever having to deal with a violent confrontation and develop the attitude of it will never happen to me but it will happen to others but when it happens to you then what?

In all these cases you stayed away from all the bad circumstances that you could have been aware off but you still had to deal with a violent confrontation.  We are not saying that you will be attacked one day, we are saying you should be prepared for it, if it should ever happen.

We also teach an effective and efficient form of self-defense that is legally and morally accepted.  Street self-defense does not always need to go to the extremes of kicking a person in the groin, then sticking your fingers 3 inches deep into someone's eyes and then finish them off by crushing their trachea as there are legal ramifications if you use excessive force and I know for me I could not purposefully stick my fingers in someone's eyes.

Why go to jail because you used excessive force in a confrontation and leave your family and loved ones behind when there is another way to protect yourself within the confines of the law.

We prove that what we teach works

 under the pressure of a bigger stronger resisting opponent.