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We have a fun kid friendly approach to teaching but a very effective training program for kids of all ages for self-defense and fitness.

Our programs have a strong emphasis on training kids to become combat athletes, which means training children in martial arts and at the same time developing and improving their fitness levels following a very important fundamental training principle when training kids " It must be fun or they won't do it ".

We have a fun, playful, competitive conditioning program for kids, we use fun drills to get them in shape but to them they are playing and competing with each other so they do not see it as a workout.

As your child matures and wants to spend more time learning martial arts we will be teaching them Boxing, Thai-Boxing, Submission Grappling and MMA.

We have a program to suit any child's maturity level or commitment to learning martial arts but most important they will learn good social skills, get in great shape  and have fun doing it.

And we also develop their character by emphasizing that the kids support and compliment their training partners during competition training drills.

They are graded to the next level by having the kids teach another student the techniques they know and through this type of interaction they will develop focus, patients, good social skills and learn to be a leader and not a follower.  So they can make good decisions while out with their friends.

We believe this is the perfect program for all kids because whether they are competitive, average, or very passive we have a teaching style that works.  All you need to do is to give us a call, explain to us what you want for your child, tell us about your child's personality and then we will let you know what we can do for you and your child.

!!!!!  Your First Class is Free  !!!!!

Program will run:

Monday to Friday

3:00pm to 8pm

$100 per week


Limited Space is Available

For After School Club

Pick up and Drop off will be available

but will be at an additional cost

Do you think you pay way too much for an after school program for what your child is getting out of it.

Do you need more time because of commuting, job responsibilities, traffic or the transit system.

Does it become too expensive and / or time consuming to have someone watch your child and then to take them to extra curricular activities so that they can develop their social skills, exercise, make new friends and to experience new things.

Well we are here to help

solve those issues

The Program's Curriculum will include:

  • Cross Fitness training for kids with an emphasis on fun, supportive, competitive workouts.

  • Martial arts training for self-defense and exercise.  Styles taught will be Boxing, Thai boxing, BJJ, Submission Grappling, Taekwondo, MMA and our personal approach to Street Self-Defense.  This program will also allows kids to receive belts but this is not a necessity for your child to be apart of, it is there because some kids like to be able to say I'm a ______ belt in martial arts.

They will also have access to an Xbox 360, Computers and a matted play area.


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