Glenroy Browne's

Funkional Martial Arts

The Browne Street Ready Program


The Funkional Self-Defense Program

Level 1

 A street self-defense program is based on a smaller, weaker person who must defend themself against a bigger, stronger, aggressive opponent and within the confines of the law.

Level 2

 This is all about fighting to win and not about self-defense which is about surviving and escaping a violent confrontation and at this level again we do this within the confines of the law.

Level 3

 This is for when you need to cross that line and we do not teach this stuff to children nor do we teach this program in schools because these types of techniques have no place in a civilized environment.

You can also train in self-defense specific programs.

  • Personal Self-Protection within the confines of the law

  • Women's Self-Defense Programs ( Rape Prevention & Escapes )

  • Professional Security Programs ( Doormen, Bouncers and Security Guards )

  • Personal Security for Executives

  • Police Defense Program

  • And more ......


Remember this system is based on you being weaker, smaller and not as athletic as your opponent.  So when you are training in the Funkional System whether it be for sport or self-defense specific positions, rules and strategies must be in place to be A Funkional Training Method or else you are doing an athletic version of self-defense or martial arts.

Very important to Remember

Self-defense is about getting away and surviving in a confrontation.

 Fighting is about winning and finishing your opponent.

So when a confrontation starts your mindset should always be about self-defense unless you are defending someone else.

If you are always moving away the chances of you losing or getting seriously hurt is pretty much not going to happen that's what self-defense is all about, but when you are in a tournament or backed into a corner, then you must fight and anytime you stand there, go forward to attack or to counter an attack there is always the possibility of you getting the worse end of the exchange and therefore you could lose.

So understanding the difference between fighting and self-defense will help you to understand if the technique or strategy you are choosing to use will accomplish it's goal survival or winning and if it is safe to use against a bigger, stronger opponent.

Training with progressive, non compliance resistance is necessary to know if a technique or strategy works.

If it does not work in class why would you even think about using it in the street to save your life.

 Remember Survival is not about winning in a confrontation,  it is about never losing in one



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