Martial Arts

Mix Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world for a variety of reasons. The combination of skill, athletic ability and excitement on display at the highest levels of the sport have captivated fans from around the globe. Perhaps more than any other sport, fans of professional Mix Martial Arts often dabble in the sport themselves, especially those with prior martial arts training. While there is no belt system in Mix Martial Arts training, it is a good idea to have a general plan of attack for where to begin and how to improve your skills.

The Foundation

The very idea that makes Mix Martial Arts so interesting -- blending all of the most effective combat arts into a combative system to be tested against the best in the world -- is also the reason there is no true belt system in place for modern Mix Martial Arts combats. Fighters at the highest levels often have several black belts from several combat styles, but, as is the case with all sports, you have to start somewhere, and Funkional Fitness is one those places to start. With world-renowned instructors like Glenroy Browne, most of our elite fighters will tell you that learning from a master MMA artist was their reason for success in the sport. Focal point on freestyle wrestling forms the best foundation for success at the highest levels, since wrestlers can determine where the fight takes place. Still, you can start in any style and branch out to others or start in several styles at once.


Before embarking on your own Mix Martial Arts journey, be sure to get your priorities in order and take care to understand your own intentions before beginning. Getting involved in certain styles in your spare time is fine, but beware of entering a high level fight gym where modern Mix Martial Arts fighters train unless you're ready for some intense training and sparring. It is recommended that you have some serious training experience before you ever step foot in a ring or cage to spar with a high-level training partner.

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